Preparing for your skin check at the skin doctor

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Please follow these simple instructions to get the most out of your skin check appointment.

  • You will receive a reminder 2 days before your appointment. Please confirm your appointment when the reminder is sent.
  • If you need to reschedule your appointment, please call the clinic on 8373 4648 at least 24 hours before the appointment to avoid losing your deposit.
  • Please ensure all makeup, nail polish & fake tan is removed prior to Skin Check. All of these ‘cover up’ your skin, limiting the thoroughness of your skin check.
  • Please ensure you arrive on time and let reception know you’ve arrived.
  • Please wear underwear to your appointment. The photos are taken in your underwear.
  • If you have any mobility issues, please call us so we can make your visit as smooth as possible.
A skin specialist taking notes on family history of skin cancer for treating skin cancer