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The skin doctors at our clinic are qualified and highly experienced, specialising in diagnosing and treating all forms of skin cancer, as well as addressing specific medical requirements for skin cancer patients.

Our certified skin doctors can detect and pinpoint concerned areas of skin, skin lesions, and individual skin spots performing biopsies for additional testing and evaluation.

We specialise in diagnosing and treating:

  • Melanoma
  • Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Rare and High-risk skin cancer

We also offer treatments for the skin impacted due to other types of cancer, including:

  • Nail and skin changes due to cancer treatment
  • Changes to the skin due to radiation treatment
  • Skin infection as a result of side effects due to cancer treatment

Preparing for your skin check at the skin doctor

Please follow these simple instructions to get the most out of your skin check appointment.

  • You will receive a reminder 2 days before your appointment. Please confirm your appointment when the reminder is sent.
  • If you need to reschedule your appointment, please call the clinic on 8373 4648 at least 24 hours before the appointment to avoid losing your deposit.
  • Please ensure all makeup, nail polish & fake tan is removed prior to Skin Check. All of these ‘cover up’ your skin, limiting the thoroughness of your skin check.
  • Please ensure you arrive on time and let reception know you’ve arrived.
  • Please wear underwear to your appointment. The photos are taken in your underwear.
  • If you have any mobility issues, please call us so we can make your visit as smooth as possible.
A female doctor and patient are seated in discussion as the doctor prepares the patient for her appointment
A woman standing in front of a skin cancer equipment for her full body skin check

We have 2 types of appointments available, a Full Skin Check and a Short Skin Review.

We have doctors working in skin cancer medicine that can conduct a thorough skin check of your moles and sunspots for you. Please advise reception if you want a full skin check or a skin review, as our skin room needs to be booked as well as the Doctor’s time.

Full Skin Check

Our Full Skin Check is between 40-60 minutes long and has two parts. Firstly, our nurse uses our Skin Mapping machine to take high quality whole-body ‘overview’ photos. (You may like to note that you will be photographed wearing only your undies, and that as we hope to photograph as much of your skin as possible, your choice of less rather than more coverage will be greatly appreciated 😊). She is skilled at helping you get into the right poses to ensure as much of your skin surface as possible is imaged. Please have patience whilst she checks that your images meet our stringent requirements, and understand that if she wants to re-do a particular shot, it is all about wanting the best for you.

Once the skin map photos are complete, one of our Skin Doctors will perform a thorough top to toe examination of your skin, capturing greatly magnified images of any suspect lesions with our digital dermatoscope. You will be able to see these images live on the large TV screen in the skin room. The images will be ‘mapped’ to the skin map photos taken by the nurse and stored on our system for future reference.

All spots of concern will be discussed with you as the Doctor progresses through your skin check, including the applicable options for treatment or monitoring.

Any required treatment appointments will be made, and you will then be put on our reminder register for a ‘Skin Review’ appointment, where any identified ‘borderline’ moles and spots can be followed up to assist in identifying skin cancers as early as possible.

Fees for Skin Checks

Fee: $306.90- $343.25                    

Medicare rebate: $76.95-$113.30                                

GAP payment: $229.95 (this is your out of pocket expense)

A note about our deposits

We have a dedicated Skin room. A $100 deposit is required to book a skin check. This deposit secures your booking time and space and is non-refundable. Your deposit comes off your final bill on the day of your skin check.

Please advise your doctor if you are likely to reach your Medicare threshold for this calendar year.

If you need to change the date and time for your skin check, then you can transfer your booking to another day or time by contacting us up to 24 hours before your booked Skin Check appointment. Please however tell us as soon as you know that a change will be required. Note that you MUST speak directly to a member of our staff to reschedule a Skin Check appointment.

Your deposit will be forfeit if you request to change your appointment within 24 hours of your booked Skin Check or if you fail to turn up on time for your scheduled Skin Check. Under these circumstances you will lose your deposit and need to pay another one to rebook your appointment.

Skin Reviews

A Skin Review is usually 20-25 minutes long, though if you have multiple lesions for follow up your Doctor may have asked that you have an extra-long slot i.e. 40-45 minutes. Our Skin Doctors will look through previously identified moles and spots of concern to assess whether they are changing and if those changes need to be treated. This type of appointment can also be used for patients who are only wanting up to 3 moles/sun spots looked at rather than having a full skin check.

Fees for Skin Reviews

Skin Review         

Fee: $129.70-  $166.90                  

Medicare rebate: $39.75-$ 76.95                                 

GAP payment: $89.95

Extended skin review        

Fee: $ 195.95 – $232.25               

Medicare rebate: $76.95 -$113. 30                            

GAP payment: $219.95