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What is it?

Twinlight treatment is a three-step procedure which imparts deep and lasting rejuvenation. This is a highly customisable treatment that can range from light touch-ups to deep wrinkle-erasing laser peels. It utilises two wavelengths of laser to improve treatment efficacy while reducing downtime and the number of sessions required.

This treatment is performed in the following order:

1.     Step 1 – conditioning: helps to stimulate the epidermis and create mild heating to prepare the skin for the next step.

2.     Step 2 – fractional therapy: creates micro channels in the skin. These will heal and be replaced with new, tighter skin by stimulating collagen synthesis.

3.     Step 3 – laser peel: the top layer of the skin is removed, which removes superficial imperfections

Who is this for?

Anyone who is concerned about sun damaged skin, photo-ageing, rough skin and deep wrinkles and folds. 

Downtime will depend on the skin condition and treatment parameters (such as the target depth of treatment). A medical consultation is required to ensure adequate skin preparation is performed, and to discuss treatment and expectations.