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Dr Mais Ali

Dr Mais Ali graduated from medicine at Flinders University in South Australia, after obtaining an Honours Bachelor degree in Science from the University of Toronto, Canada.

She moved to Melbourne to commence her internship and medical career. She worked in multiple hospitals across Melbourne in areas covering women’s health, emergency, surgery, anesthesia and intensive care.

She trained as a GP in Melbourne and has over 8 years experience in general practice. She has also been involved in the teaching and supervision of GP trainees across Melbourne.

Dr Ali is well versed in general practice and is very passionate about preventative care, wellbeing, nutrition and skin health.

She has a keen interest in helping patients achieve their best skin and managing skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, eczema as well as the prevention and early diagnosis of skin cancer.

When not at work, Dr Ali is busy with her young family, cooking healthy meals and listening to audiobooks.