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Doctor Mostafa Khalafalla is a accredited skin cancer GP with The Skin Doctor in Diamond Creek with special interest in skin cancer surgical treatment.


Dr. Moz is an Australian Trained GP accredited with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners as a Specialist GP, as well as being an accredited Skin Cancer Doctor with the Skin Cancer College of Australia. He has also completed a Masters in Skin Cancer Medicine, which is the highest tertiary qualification available to Australian Medical Professionals. He prides himself on his collaborative approach and is always keen to discuss all possible options for managing his patients. He has always had a love for procedural medicine and has enjoyed advancing his surgical skills through a variety of Australian and International Courses to ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved for the residents of Daimo!

Dr. Moz understands that the provision of excellent care requires a great team and so frequently collaborates with an excellent team that includes plastic surgeons, dermatologists, specialist skin cancer pathologists and in house often with the other Accredited Skin Cancer Doctors whilst providing support and advice for many of the other General Practitioners both at The Local Doctor and surrounding practices.